It is important to the team that Aspen owns
its palette – both colour and materiality.

Hirsch Bedner Associates — the world-renowned

appointed as Interior Designers, HBA Combines their vast international knowledge and years of industry experience to breathe life into ASPEN.

HBA is a global company, run by Ian Carr and Rene Gross Kaerskov, with an international presence, and a focus on creating a unique sense of place. Possessing over 52 years in the game, 27 offices worldwide, and 1,700 specialist designers, HBA have paved a way for luxury interior design. Their depth of experience and detailed industry knowledge means achieving more than 200 global design awards in the past decade.

HBA innovate, influence, and embrace new trends to raise industry standards. They foster a highly creative, collaborative work environment to create the signature looks of today’s luxury brands. With a distinctive footprint in the design industry, HBA infuse their teams with developing young design talent to create compelling concepts and facilitate the ability to rewrite the language of design with each new project.

The essence of everything we are doing is very contemporary

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Each apartment has been fashioned to optimise the amazing views.

Reflective surfaces have been incorporated to play with the light and suggested furniture layouts optimise the sense of space. Bespoke design detailing in tiling or wall coverings by HBA creates an intelligent dialogue between the architecture of the building and its interiors – all items that contribute to making an Aspen interior completely unique.


Magnificent apartments,
a vibrant new community with hotels, bars,
cafes and panoramas attached.

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